The Italian Federation of Model Railroad and Railroad Friends - FIMF – is an independent and voluntary national association. It was founded in Genoa on July 19, 1953 with the aim to promote, foster and spread interest in railroads and any other form of rail transport in Italy, in the field of both model and real railroads, as well as knowledge about their various aspects.

Both individual members and clubs can join the FIMF (see list of the FIMF clubs).

The official organ of the FIMF is the bi-monthly magazine «Bollettino FIMF», which represents the voice of all its members.

The purposes of the FIMF are:

  • ·          to unite all enthusiasts of the real and miniature railroads,
  •  ·         to promote and strengthen fellowship among model railroaders and fans, encouraging meetings and exchange of views and information,
  •  ·         to cooperate with other associations pursuing similar purposes, also in other countries,
  •  ·         to spark interest, particularly among young people, in model railroading and in railroads,
  •  ·         to show the work of the best model or layout builders in order to stimulate emulation and to encourage exchange of skills,
  •  ·         to spread knowledge about problems related to both real and miniature railroads through continuous technical updating,
  • ·          to promote the standardization of the mobile and fixed model railroad equipment (vehicles, tracks and accessories), 
  •  ·     to publish articles, news, communications in the bi-monthly magazine «Bollettino FIMF», as well as suggestions of all members who wish to contribute to make railroads the best form of transport and model railroading the most popular hobby.


 FIMF is one of 22 national federations that make up the European umbrella federation MOROP.  http://morop.org/



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